Below is a sampling of our capabilities.

Complex Mixed Technology

Complex Mixed TechnologyThis is, perhaps, one of the most complex PCBs we build. It is a 16 layer board with 0210, and BGA technology on both sides. This particular assembly has more than 1500 components on the top side and 18 individual RF shields.





PCMCIA Form Factor

PCMCIA Form FactorThis is a Video Capture PCB that is densely populated double sided assembly.





Medical Device Laser

Medical Device LaserLeading edge medical technology with BGA and Fine pitch connector technologies.






BackplaneThick Multilayer Backplane Assembly with fine pitch SMT on 2 sides.





Professional TV Camera Controller

Professional TV Camera ControllerThru Hole technology with programmed IC's






Mixed Technology

Mixed TechnologyStandard Mixed technology double side assembly.





RF Assembly

RF AssemblyPCB is teflon/ceramic composite with RF filters, amplifiers and combiner technologies in turnkey box assembly.




Turnkey Assemblies

Here are some of the many turnkey builds we do at C2M

Turnkey Assemblies Turnkey Assemblies

Medical Laser Unit. Chassis
prior to PCB installation

Completed Laser unit